Want to Reduce your College Senior’s Stress this Year? Encourage them to add Career Prep to Their Plate

Many college students think that adding a job search onto all of their other senior year work is going to push them over the brink of what they can handle. After all, they have their toughest classes, capstone projects and their last chances to spend time enjoying the college social life.

But consider:

  • How worried they will be second semester when their friends have jobs lined up and they don’t?
  • How stressed they will be reading all the terrible statistics about how hard it is for young people to find a job and launch their career while they aren’t doing anything about it?
  • How lost they will feel at graduation not knowing anything about what’s next?
  • How frustrated will they be in mid-August after applying for tens of jobs and not hearing anything back?

Integrating career prep into a senior’s busy schedule takes some time and effort, but it also gives them the tools they need to organically network throughout their entire senior year. For seniors the job search starts now. Seniors who are in career prep mode starting in September:

We so strongly believe in our proven program that when we work with motivated students who start early, we can beat those odds. Career service offices aren’t enough. Only one in six college students find their career offices helpful. Many of the students who work with us starting early in their senior year will graduate with a job. If they don’t have a job within 3 months of graduating we will refund your money or continuing working with your student free of charge –  your choice.* Read about our college career coaching guarantee here.