“Susan you and the service that you provide truly allowed us to completely extract ourselves from the entire job prep/search process. I can’t begin to explain what a great relief that was for us as well as for Max.

Over the past few months, I witnessed a change in Max once he got on board with the program and realized that he had to be an active participant in the process. Just in the past month or so, he has matured and become more confident in his new “adulting” reality. I credit that growth to your mentoring.

Max is so excited to have the new job. The bonus is that he will be able to live and work in the city where he really wants to be for now.

Discovering LaunchingU and connecting with you was a Godsend. Thank you for everything you have done.”

-A grateful mom of a
Ole Miss graduate.


“Susan, I just wanted to thank you ever so much for helping my son think concretely about the job hunting road map. My son has landed the job of his dreams in the city where he has always wanted to live. I know that you taught him to ask for help, to ask for referrals, to ask “who can open this door for me?” I highly recommend your proven system. Thank you!”

– Grateful mother of a happily employed Middlebury grad


Your Job As A Parent Isn’t Over Yet!

Transitioning from college into career is harder than it’s ever been. Students are overwhelmed and the pressure is incredibly high. Employers expect that recent grads are well-prepared with the right skills and the confidence to sell themselves.

We’ve Helped Hundreds of College Students Blossom Into Young Professionals.

Our Signature Coaching Program works. Over 90% of our clients transition smoothly into a college-worthy job while working with us. They develop the skills and the confidence they need to be successful throughout their entire career.

Our Signature Coaching Program Prepares College Students and Recent Grads To:

  1. Understand how they can be successful in a professional environment.
  2. Articulate their skills and experience in ways that resonate with employers.
  3. Build a network of connections and advocates.
  4. Gain confidence in their ability to stand out from other candidates and interview effectively.
  5. Engage consistently in a career development plan they are excited about.

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